Replacing your existing EDS

If your current EDS is old or unreliable it’s time to evaluate a replacement

There are many types of environment that require an Effluent Decontamination System; sometimes used for treating low risk contamination but more typically found in CL3 or BSL3 high containment facilities. They form an integral part of the infrastructure; therefore ongoing reliability is an important consideration. If you suffer a system breakdown it can have catastrophic implications on your operation. At worst it will completely prevent your site from operating until a fix is in place. This could be a long time if your system is old and the parts are no longer available.

If you are operating a chemical decontamination system you may want to consider an alternative

The use of steam (thermal heating) adopted in all AstellBio EDS provides a distinct advantage over some chemical treatment processes. These chemical units can often be highly toxic and potentially harmful to the environment, requiring careful monitoring and control.

In order to be certain that effluent is safe it is usually necessary to ensure that there is excess disinfectant remaining in the wastewater after the requisite contact time (which is dependent on the chemical being used). The excess disinfectant then has to be neutralised prior to discharge of the wastewater to prevent possible environmental impact. Steam sterilization effluent decontamination removes the requirement for using aggressive chemicals.

If your facility / laboratory is looking at expansion or suffering from system over capacity it may be time to upgrade your current EDS equipment

Over capacity can cause backlogs or unreliability with similar outcomes to a system breakdown. If you anticipate an increase in activity or have found your current system maxed-out through incremental growth, it’s time to review your EDS.

AstellBio can help you by providing our consultancy and project management expertise to ensure we come up with a replacement effluent decontamination system that will suit your needs. We will help you every step of the way ensuring all major concerns such as volume per day, space limitations, process temperature and even how to handle redundancy in case of a failure, are answered.

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If you’ve suffered an effluent decontamination system failure or you’ve decided your existing system needs replacing through a desire to improve processing times or move away from the use of harmful chemicals, contact us and discuss fitment of an AstellBio EDS.

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