Batch Process Systems

AstellBio batch Effluent Decontamination Systems can be designed to operate as either gravity fed or pump driven, or a combination. Where it is possible to locate the EDS beneath the structure of the research facility, gravity can be harnessed to draw the waste water to the sterilizing tank(s). Pump fed Effluent Decontamination Systems become applicable where the tanks aren't sited below ground or in a basement location. Pumps are used to control the flow of effluent to the collection tanks. Whilst adding a little complexity, it does offer potential benefits to site location and is a highly configurable solution ideal for overcoming space limitations and layout challenges. Both feed types are capable of handling liquids and liquid/solid mixtures. A batch EDS system operates on a run-standby basis when more than one tank is specified.

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Single tank

A single tank batch Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) comprises of one collection tank, which also acts as the sterilization vessel. Once filled, the sterilization cycle processes the waste water then reverts to collection. The single tank EDS system is ideal for low volume effluent treatment in controlled environments and can be set to process waste when full and/or at set times of the day.

Single tank + steam generator

In instances where there is no existing steam source, the single tank Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) can be supplemented by the addition of a stand-alone steam generator. The steam generator will provide all the steam required for sterilizing the throughput from the single tank effluent system whilst occupying minimal floor space.

Twin tank

A twin tank batch Effluent Decontamination System (EDS) system operates on a run-standby basis utilising one tank for collection whilst the other is sterilizing. The twin tank EDS system brings greater flexibility and capacity over a single tank system, and is better able to cope with peaks in demand. AstellBio batch Effluent Decontamination Systems are capable of handling both liquids and liquid/solid mixtures and can be customized around your exact requirements.

TWIN tank + steam generator

For facilities that do not have an in-house steam source, Astell produce the twin tank Effluent Decontamination System with stand-alone steam generator. This system benefits from the addition of a 72kW stand-alone steam generator, usually positioned next to the EDS, meaning it requires only mains water and electricity supply. This system caters for containment developments that do not operate a central steam supply.

Single or Twin tank + steam generator + holding (collection) tank

For high volume batch waste processing, the addition of a holding/collection tank allows effluent to be contained whilst sterilization may be taking place in the main tank(s). This option is perfect to build in redundancy and cover busy periods often experienced through the working day.

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  • Colour touchscreen controllers showing permanent cycle status, pressures, temperatures, stage and cycle times, liquid levels
  • Data archive, all cycles stored in memory and can be downloaded via ethernet and or captured via a printer (optional extra)
  • Analogue and digital pressure displays
  • Double valving on effluent input to protect incoming source
  • Ability to manually override the whole system (password protected)
  • Jacket heating and cooling on the sterilization pressure vessels
  • Sterilization tank agitation to help heating and cooling times and stop solids from settling on the pressure vessels bottom
  • Stainless steel pressure vessels
  • Integral or external steam / heating supply
  • Fully demountable for easy shipping and install
  • Radar level controlling – for accurate tank level monitoring
  • Steam sterilizable bacterial vent filters
  • Inspection hatch
  • Stainless steel pipework to first valve pipework, or all stainless steel pipework
  • All connections are on the top of the pressure vessel to reduce liquid leaks on to the floor or the need to empty a pressure vessel to repair leaks. Connections can be flanged or Tri-clamp
  • Clean in place (CIP) points to allow contaminated pipwork to be steamed for maintenance
  • Pumped systems use magnetically driven pumps to reduce the likelihood of leaks

Options and Upgrades

Agitation to provide better heat distribution

Agitation to provide better heat distribution and distribute solids

Effluent Decontamination System Holding Tank

Holding tank

High grade vessel material for EDS Systems

Higher grade vessel material for special applications

Internal Heating and cooling coil

Internal heating and cooling coil – to improve cycle times

EDS Double Valving

Double valving on all valves

Hygienic instrumentation, valves, gauges and transducers

Hygienic instrumentation, valves, gauges and transducers

Cooling Water Recirculation for EDS

Cooling water recirculation – to reduce water consumption

Connection to a chilled water for reduced water usage

Connection to a chilled water supply or a flow and return system to reduce water usage

AstellBio EDS Valve Positioning

Valve position monitoring

Orbitally welded pipework

Full orbitally welded stainless steel pipework with tri-clamp connections

Fully Insulated Sterilization

Fully insulated sterilization pressure vessels

Stand-alone Steam Generator for EDS

Steam generators can be fitted to the plant to add redundancy for the site supply or be the main heating source

EDS Automatic Descaling System

Automatic de-scaling system. An option to allow the system to be automatically de-scaled. This option does need some manual intervention

EDS Sampling Point

Sampling point to allow samples to be taken for sterility testing

Stainless Steel Frame for easy Installation

Stainless steel frame made in sections to allow the plant to be stripped for shipping and easy installation

Technical Specifications

Capacity (Litres per 8hr day)Cooling method
Sterilization tank
Single tankDouble tankSteam GeneratorHolding tank (Litres)BSL categorySolids (up to 4mm)Sterilizing
Water JacketChilled water Flow/
Return option
EDS 3501000 L1500 L500 / 1000 LII / III121°C/ 135°C
EDS 5001600 L2400 L1000 LII / III121°C/ 135°C
EDS 7502200 L3100 L1500 LII / III121°C/ 135°C
EDS 10002700 L3900 LExternal - 150kg/hr1500 LII / III121°C/ 135°C
EDS 15004200 L6300 LExternal - 200kg/hr2000 LII / III121°C/ 135°C

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