Continuous Flow EDS

The Continuous Flow EDS is specifically designed for high flow and minimal solids. The high flow rate is designed to cope with short periods of high demand through the working day and/or known flow rates in short periods. Continous systems don’t normally come with large holding tanks, as once the system starts its sterilization and cooling it will continue to run until the flow of effluent has finished. The systems can run at high temperatures >140DegC for very short hold times. The system is designed to make the most of heat recovery and to be as efficient as possible.

Technical Specifications

Flow (L/hr)Holding tank (Litres)SteamElectricAirWaterBSL CategorySolidsSterilizing temperature
100 L/hr200 LII/IIIX140°C for 1 minute
300 L/hr200 LII/IIIX140°C for 1 minute
500 L/hr300 LII/IIIX140°C for 1 minute
1000 L/hr500 LXII/IIIX140°C for 1 minute

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